The Best Batting Gloves

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog! I just dropped my daughter off at her first all-star baseball camp, and I am so nervous to pick her up! I just really hope she is having fun, I know an environment like that can be intimidating. She got invited to this camp last month, and ever since then me and my wife have been trying to get her 100% ready for it. That means that we had to get her some new equipment ( most of it was used) and we found that had everyone we wanting at really cheap prices. This includes the batting gloves, which we got plenty of. We wanted to test out different brands and see what the best one was, at least for her. Here are the results.


Nike Batting Gloves

The first pair of gloves we got was a pair of Nike MVP Pro batting gloves. These things are fairly expensive in store, but we found a used copy for a crazy low price at that looks almost new. After talking to my daughter about it, she said that the best feature of these gloves is the expansion between the thumb and index finger, meaning you have more range of motion. They also have a great hook strap to ensure you get a tight fit no matter how sweaty you are.

 Nike Batting Gloves


Under Armour Gloves

As an old football player, these gloves were already my pick. We found some amazing used Under Armour batting gloves for sale online, at, that we just had to pick up, and that was after finding her a good pair. These gloves are made of goatskin as opposed to the sheepskin norm and talking to my daughter about it she loves the added comfort. It also has heatgear technology on the back  to help wick away moisture increase the stretch over your hand.

 Under Armour Batting Gloves

Adidas Batting Gloves

We found some interesting Adidas gloves while looking at a garage sale. These gloves had an added wrist support, so we used my previously mentioned Fitbit to measure her batting speed and the added support actually made it worse, so these were eliminated immediately.


Franklin Gloves

Franklin are the official gloves of the MLB, so they are definitely good. We bought a pair of their Powerstrap series at the local sports shop in town, and they are pretty damn good.The wrist automatically tightens so you don’t have to fidget, and the palm is made out of a single piece of sheepskin. Clearly worth the high price tag, my daughter is in love with these gloves.

Franklin Batting Gloves



So, in the end the Franklin gloves are the clear favourite of my daughter. I still like the Under Armour ones, but I am just an old man apparently. Let me know what you guys think about our picks in the comments section, and if you liked this post then check out the last one on fitness trends for 2017. See you soon!