Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Most of you who watch the NFL should know about the famous stories involving players who played in the CFL to later move onto the big stage in the NFL. Players like Warren Moon, who played quarterback for the Edmonton Eskimos simply because the NFL was not ready for a black quarterback. Then there are players like Doug Flutie, who played in the United States Football League until it folded, then played for the NFL for a short period before the strike, and then played in the CFL before returning to the NFL to light up the field. Here are some players that are active in the Canadian Football League right now that I would not be surprised to see on an NFL team within the next year or two. 

Duron Carter, WR

Carter already has a bit of a jump start in getting NFL interest in the fact that he is the son of Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter. He was unable to make it onto the Colts 2016 roster after an extended tryout with both the team and the practice squad during the entirety of training camp. Carter did not have the greatest time of the field in 2016 either, getting in altercations with both teammates and opposing coaches during the season. Still, he caught 185 passed for 2,877 yards and 17 touchdowns in 40 games. Someone will call him. 

Kevin Fogg, DB

Fogg has previously spent time with the Steelers and the Dolphins in the NFL, and recorded a nice zero tackles in total. With the Blue Bombers he had a nice 79 tackle season that was topped off with 4 picks, which has to at least put him on the radar for teams looking for a special teamer or backup corner back.

 Duron Carter CFL