What’s going on everybody, Jack is back with an attack...of words...for my sports and fitness blog. Did I thank you guys for your support yet? Well, thank you. Anyways, the thing I wanted to talk today is paintball. I love paintball, and as such I have been upgrading my collection of markers and masks this year thanks to a bargain classified ads website called http://www.canada.for-sale.com/, they have links to paintball markers and anything else you can think of for sale from all over the net. I have been expanding my collection as of late, and got some insane deals that allowed me to get some pretty crazy gear. Here are some purchases of note-

Empire Sniper

This isn’t airsoft, so no this marker does not actually look like a sniper rifle. It is however an amazing marker for most tournament settings, long range and short. Although the Empire Sniper is technically a pump action, it can be considered semi-automatica s you can continue to aim down the sights while cocking the marker, potentially saving you in a close quarters scenario. The pinpoint long distance accuracy combined with the tough build and ability to withstand anything that can be thrown at it, the Empire Sniper is perfect for those wanting to spend a little more but stay in budget still.


The DYE DAM is the ultimate military sim marker. Not only does this marker look the part, but it feels the part with it dual magazine capable of firing .68 caliber paintballs or first strike paintballs, and a really cool feed switching system allowing you to switch from magazine to hopper fed or vice versa on the fly. The aluminum body makes the damn extremely lightweight, ideal for those multi-day sims and the 5 kilometre treks that accompany them. If you are going to be going hardcore with your paintball, having no zero days then this is the marker for you (for a price).

DYE DAM ultra realistic paintball marker

Tippman US Army Project Salvo

The US Army Project Salvo from Tippman is one of the coolest, if not the coolest looking marker there is. This marker looks amazing, and you are sure to be getting compliments from other players when using it. If you can find the bundle like I did then you can get a red dot sight, collapsible rear stock and a front grip which makes the Project Salvo great at adapting to different scenarios. These accessories of course add some weight to the marker, which can be a positive or a negative depending on your preferences. Personally I like the added weight, it makes simulation games feel more realistic. The long barrel makes the marker shoot fairly accurately; not as good as high end markers but for most matches it should be good enough.

Tippman TIPX Marker

If you are looking to get seriously into paintball, you need a sidearm and the TIPX by Tippman is one of my favourite sidearms on the market. This is an extremely high quality paintball marker, and coming from Tippman you know that this is backed by authority. You get 3 magazines each with a 7 round capacity to give you that perfect emergency exit in any game. TIppam makes many exelent handguns as you can see here http://www.tippmann.com/c/tipx-paintball-pistol but this has to be my favourite in recent years.

Tippman TIPX sidearm marker


Another really good sidearm if you aren't planning on spending a boatload of cash on something you won’t use every game is the JT ER2. The ER2 is a pump pistol, and has an incredible capacity of 30 rounds if each tube is filled. Included in the box is two C02 cartridges to power the marker, meaning that there is actually some stopping power in comparison to other low cost sidearms which are usually spring powered.

WASING MOLLE Tactical Vest

If you are going to be playing a long woodsball game, then you need some sort of tactical vest/clothing. I love MOLLE style vests because of the unique use of velcro, allowing you to attach anything anywhere. With velcro strips running along every exterior surface of the vest you can attach pouches for ammo, sidearms, grenades or anything you can think of in the spot that seems most convenient to you. There are also four built in pouches on the front of the vest that are big enough to carry extra pods of paintballs and a removable chest plate with velcro all around it so you can add or remove pieces as you like.

WASHIN MOLLE Desert Camo Tactical Vest

I hope that you guys have enjoyed this brief look into some of the more extreme gear variants to use in airsoft, and that it has helped the enthusiasts out there. I am off to watch one of my overseas football games, talk to you next week.