Hi everyone, Jack here with another sports and fitness blog post.  This time with an electronic twist.  Today I wanted to talk to you all about one of the gifts I received for Christmas. The FitBit Charge 2.  It was a present from my partner and he bought it from;, and online classified ads store where you can find used or second hand goods.  


I’ve been a long time runner, as I have previously spoken about, and I’ve never quite felt like making the leap from running casually every morning as I do to tracking down my progress and improving upon it.  It has always been something I have done to clear my head and wind down from work, or life as it may be.  Recently, however, I have become more interested in improving my general fitness, maybe even complete in a triathlon and I wanted a way to track my progress through various different sport.  I tried using my iPhone, but I really wanted something more accurate and was interested in the heart monitoring side for gym work.  


FitBit Charger 2.

fitbit charge 2


The FitBit Charge 2 came out in September 2016, and has been widely revered for being a reasonably priced alternative to the fitness watch game traditionally topped by Garmin.  With a relatively cheap selling point, and if bought second hand like mine even cheaper, it’s the best overall fitness watch out there.  


Following on from the success of the FitBit Charge, The Charge 2 has most of the same features with a few additional new features and a cleaner sharper design.


Design features.


One of the main design changes from the FitBit Charge is the new larger screen face.  With a selection of watch faces you can decide what you see on it, but the larger vertical LED display screen can show the time, amount of steps taken and your heart rate all at the same time.  

The screen doesn’t always stay on but can be activated through numerous options.  Motion sensors can sense you moving the watch upwards and will turn the screen on as will taping the display or pressing the button on the side.   The screen will also show notifications which pop up for a very short time frame.  These show texts, calendar alerts and phone calls which will scroll across the bottom of the screen slowly.  Better than not having it but annoying because you can not respond to anything.

fitbit charge 2


Watch Features.


The FitBit Charge 2 has many features and the app it connects to has also got more comprehensive since they started.  It’s very simple and easy to use and has the ability to track most everything you could want.  It tracks you whilst standing, climbing stairs, steps taken, heart rate, numerous different types of exercise - including some great new gym features, sleep, weight loss, nutrition and water intake.  And whilst as a runner I am slightly disappointed that the Charge 2 doesn’t have inbuilt GPS tracing, it does connect in with my iPhone’s GPS and does track pace and route accurately.  

The app has an easy to read design, with a dashboard for you to glance over.  And you can even sync weigh in’s into the app so that you can truly track progress.
fitbit charge 2


Gym Features.


The new gym features on the FitBit Charge 2 are probably one of my favourite new features.  

Multi Sports modes can track specific exercises and workout such as running, working out on an elliptical machine, cycling and even weightlifting.  And whilst this might not always be able to track what you are doing you can manually set the workout that you are doing so that it can give you a much more up to date workout stats.

It will also give you a reminder to move if you have been sitting still for too long, which is great for those of us who get distracted and need the gentle nudge to move around.  


I hope this has helped out anyone interested in picking up a fitness watch.  And did anyone catch the Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers game last night?  I watch it on Game Pass because im still not home and man it was a good match.  I won’t tell you the score in case you haven’t seen it but go watch!