An annual survey reported the biggest fitness trends of 2017, and i’m here to share the results with you.

Wearable technology
Not looking like it ill go away anytime soon with the apple watch and the fitbit taking over the wearable technology market.  Expect to see bigger and better things this year.

Strength Training
Cardio has seen its best years.  Nowadays strength training has surpassed yoga for nearly every category of people visiting a gym.  We now know that strength training has heaps of benefits.  From helping us live longer lives, to help to protect against diabetes.  Plus, the myth has finally been debunked that lifting weights makes women bulky, so the weight rooms at the gym are no longer quite as scary. 

Group Training
Fitness classes will be the big thing in 2017, with barre and ballet classes, cross fit and spin classes at the fore front of their genre. 

More types of yoga will be seen across 2017, and classes will be designed to be on the go.  Think aerial yoga, Bikram and other forms of hot yoga and even rope wall yoga.

Fitness programs for older adults.
A new on the list for this year, older adults have seen an increase in tailored classes. Even classes focused on the elderly have been introduced and will focus on improving their blanace, and ability to perform everyday activities through fitness activities.

Functional Training.
Functional Training is the type of strength that matters to you in your everyday life.  It is what improves your co-ordination, power, endurance, balance and force.  It is often found in CrossFit programs but in 2017 will be found in more places.