Hi there everybody, my name is Jack and I would like to welcome you to the first ever post on my new sports and fitness blog! I am a big fan of most sports including hockey, basketball, snowboarding, football and American Football so I hope that I can bring you a diverse view of the sporting world. I am also an avid fitness nut, my favourite way of waking up in the morning is with some pull ups and maybe a run, followed by a nice egg and protein mix shake. Enough about me, how about the blog?


I hope to be able to bring you guys a new post at least every week about sports or fitness, and maybe a mix of both. If there is any specific category you would like to see my write about, then send me an email and I can try and do some research about it to make a good post for you. Overall I hope to just have some fun with this sports blog, and I hope that I can make learning about sports and fitness fun for you as well. See you soon!