Hey everyone, I have a special post for my sports and fitness blog today. Yesterday was a special day for fans of baseball, and for fans of civil rights. Twenty years ago yesterday, a baseball game was being played on the green fields of Shea Stadium and in the middle of the fifth inning, three people walked out onto the field. The first was the wife of the late, great Jackie Robinson; Rachel Robinson. The second was the current commissioner of baseball Bud Selig. The third was just a nobody, President of the United States William Jefferson Clinton.

Jackie Robinson

These men were doing something that had never been done in professional baseball before. They were there to retire a number; Jackie Robinson’s 42 across the entire sport. These men were ensuring that the power brought by Robinson's debut in the Major Leagues 50 years from that day would stay a part of history. Yesterday marked 70 years since that day that baseball history was changed forever, and the day the colour barrier was broken (for baseball).

Jackie Robinson was not only the trailblazer for black American players in baseball, but for players of any race that isn’t caucasian in any sport. Now, baseball is a major sport in Japan and other countries in Asia along with Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and a plethora of other South American nations. Robinson was the start of all that, and the start of developmental leagues in other countries. Today the day is recognized in multiple countries in the world, and stands for positivity, respect, and acceptance in not only baseball but in life.