Skateboarding 101

Hey there everyone, I would like to extend a warm welcome from you all to my sports and fitness blog. Are any of you readers out there skateboarders by chance? My daughter wants to start skateboarding and I have never been coordinated enough to stand on a skateboard, let alone move around on it. I decided to try and incorporate this into my no zero days routine and started learning. I went online and found some used beginner skateboarding gear at so that we can go out together. It hasn’t worked out too well, but I am trying!


 Skateboarding for beginners

Get your Gear!

I obviously had to get some safety gear to start skateboarding. You can’t skateboard on a soft surface! Thankfully I am a pretty thrift guy, and found used skate gear for sale on that I nabbed up. I thought used would be a good idea so that no matter how many times I fall down, I won’t be ruining some new gear. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t hurt! I have wondered a couple time about using my paintball gear a couple times, but I think that might look bad in front of my daughter. How ever you want to do it, make sure that you get yourself some good skateboard gear. For a beginner, a good knee pad could mean the difference between a good story and a lifetime limp. Obviously, the helmet is the biggest piece of equipment needed. Make sure it fits on your chin and doesn’t fall off when you shake your head.


 Skateboard Helmet

Find a Full Board

Like in anything, when you start skateboarding you don’t want to get over your head. This is why buying a full board with trucks and wheels is important. I found a really good used skateboard with wheels and trucks on and they had lots of good sets for sale. When you get more into it you may want to try different trucks and wheels with your board, change your grip tape and maybe even your bearing but when you just start out it is a good idea to take it slow.


Go to The Park (when ready)!

Once you are comfortable enough, take your skills to the park! The best way to practice is with proper obstacles, and we are lucky enough to live somewhere that has plenty of great skate parks.If you don’t know where the skatepark nearest you is, then check out this handy guide of skateparks in Australia at! We are going to head out to the skatepark right now actually, I think I might finally be able to ollie! Wish me luck everyone, and remember to come back next month for another post. Have a great day!