Triathlons and fitness


During the late 1970’s swimming, cycling and running were all extremely popular forms of keeping fit, aswell as local competitions in Hawai. A couple called John and Judy Collins decided to organize a competition combining all 3 sports and announced the winner would be titled ‘Ironman’. The event has since exploded in popularity with competitors racing a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile running marathon, totalling just over 140 miles of racing. This sport os only for the superfit, with many competitors claiming to train a minimum of 5 hours each and every day, whilst some consume over 10000 calories per day.

There are currently around 40 different Ironman compeitions globally, with some acting as qualifiers for the World Championship held annually in Kailua-Kona, in Hawai. These competitions are regulated by the World Traithlon Compeition, or WTC. The WTC puts a time limit on the competition of 17 hours. For many people involved in the sport, from mini triathlons to half Ironman courses, this would be the pinnacle of their careers completing the 140 mile course in under 17 hours.

As the sport has grown commercially with TV coverage and so on, as has the number of amateur enthusiasts. As the sport involves 3 excellent cardio, strength, endurance and mental fitness exercises it is easy for anyone to get involved. This and the fact it gives people an exact goal for their training schedule obviously helps people to focus.

Try your local swimming baths, athletics or cycling clubs to find out information as most will already have groups you can join, with experienced trainers.